The Ultimate Dilemma


I just realized that I'm in the story business. I collect stories and I tell stories and through this process, I help heal people. Allow me to explain. You see, the more I experience and the more I hear about others' experiences, the more I see that our stories are universal. We feel the same pain. We reach a point where we can't take it anymore and we decide to do anything we have to do to overcome. We get help. Our helpers show us the tools and resources that WE ALREADY KNEW deep inside us. And then we make a shift.

I'm sure you can relate. Whenever I tell my stories about overcoming a major obstacle/solving a huge dilemma/resolving a multi layered, complex conflict, someone else relates 100%. And through this sharing process, we heal. We realize that we're not alone, that we're connected to other people on a deep level. We realize that we have everything we need to make a positive change and to feel better. We just needed someone to guide us through the process.

So here's what I...

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