I'm an Intelligent Woman so how did I end up with a Soul Sucking Narcissist?

This is the title of my book y'all. It has been begging for years to come out and I can't hold it in any longer. Read my intro and then join my waitlist.

This book is for you if you’re stuck in, getting out of, or free from an unhealthy relationship. Or if you are ready to do what it takes to have a healthy relationship. I wish someone had sat me down and told me all of these truths when I was stuck and going through separation.

For the sake of simplicity, but not to oversimplify or limit the dynamics of relationships of this type, I will use the structure of the woman being the empath and the man being the narcissist. Of course, it can be reversed or same sex. So if this dynamic applies to you, please know that it is NOT limited to the gender I’m presenting.

Also, you might think that you need to know for sure if you’re with a narcissist. That word gets tossed around a lot and the truth is, it really doesn’t matter. If you feel anxious most of...

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