Are You Stuck?

In a toxic relationship?

In a confusing thought cycle?

Feeling the same negative emotions?


Feel HAPPY in your body?

Experience unconditional LOVE?

Live a life of PURPOSE?

I'm Heidi Shaner, a single mom, devoted to helping others the way I was helped. 

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2020 Vision

Do you have dreams that seem unreachable? Major resistance like analysis paralysis? Only frustrated and not excited about your relationships, your health, how you look, your career, your finances?

Manifest your dreams FOR REAL this year. Create a vision that gives you goose bumps and then lay down the measurable action plans with yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily dates to get it DONE!

I'll lead you through a simple, systematic approach to gain clarity and excitement about goals, to break through resistance, and to create a realistic action plan.

Monday, January 6, 2020

6:30-8:30pm EST

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Cycle on a deeper level

Four decades in the making: accessing the most effective mind/body/soul alignment resources ON A BIKE

Strategic Intervention Coaching meets Cardiovascular Strength and Endurance

Connect with your BODY


Acknowledge your STRENGTH

BREAK THROUGH emotional and physical plateaus


Ted Talk

Invisible Marks

Why Can't We Solve Our Problems on Our Own?

We feel swamped by our negative thoughts and emotions, powerless to change them or let them go. And we try everything. We pretend the problems aren’t there. We rationalize them. We lie to ourselves about the truth. We run from them. We numb ourselves. We seek short term sensual pleasure. And yet, we can never out run ourselves.

We can’t even see ourselves clearly because we can’t read the label from inside the jar. We can gain a new perspective with an outsider looking in. And only then can we shift.

We know there has to be a better way. There is.

What if we listened to our bodies and honored the message our body is sending?

What if we could sit with ourselves in pain and experience peace no matter what was happening externally?

With a lifetime spent focusing on the body, I’ve crafted a successful practice to integrate physical and emotional health.


Simple 4 step process

 1. Grow a compelling vision for your life and develop the confidence, clarity, and certainty to live into your OUTCOME.
2. Understand what's holding us back. Reveal the layers of our unconscious thoughts and actions and bring them into our consciousness and identify WHY we're experiencing resistance. Develop new empowering stories, meanings, and associations.
3. Find the LEVERAGE. Discover what matters enough to you to move the boulder. By discovering what we value most, we can finally MOBILIZE.
4. Create and condition the new way with short and long term ACTION PLANS, resources, support, and accountability.

 That is really all there is to it. You now have the KEY to unlock the CODE. This is the basic system behind my coaching course.

Within each of these 4 steps, we’ll answer the questions that you haven’t been able to answer and you’ll find instructive, interactive material to teach you how to implement the solutions.

I help people create domestic peace and I help people be simply happy in their own skin.

If you can relate, just sign up for a no fee strategy session with me.
No strings attached.
I’m not pushy and I never will be.

You can see for yourself if we’re a good fit. I would love to help you.

Who Is Heidi?

Heidi Shaner is a Life Coach trained by Robbins Madanes Strategic Intervention Center, the official coach training school of Anthony Robbins.

Heidi has pursued a life of physical and emotional health and empowering others on their healing journey. She believes that we each have a purpose and deserve to live a life of fulfillment.

She utilizes her Master's Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and her Strategic Intervention Board Certified Coach training to contribute to her clients' physical and emotional healing.

She has been a group exercise instructor since 1997, a personal trainer since 2008, and a Pilates instructor since 2017.

Heidi's work with the body quickly began to cross over into emotional health. She became a life coach because she loves action oriented approach to health and healing and the connection with the body.

Learn more about Heidi by reading her story.

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"I bring the unconscious self sabotaging behaviors into your consciouness. I give you the leverage to want to change. I assist you in discovering what you really want to create. I help you access the tools and resources to execute your plan. I give you support and connection." ~ Heidi Shaner

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