Get your BODY MOVING and your mind will follow.

That's what 20+ years in the fitness industry taught Heidi. Determined to help people with their fitness and nutrition as a trainer, Heidi realized that to truly change, we need to dig deeper into our psychology to understand how our bodies hold onto pain.

With her tools and resources learned from numerous personal training and group instruction fitness training, Al-Anon, Tony Robbins' Strategic Intervention Life Coach Training, and EMDR trauma therapy, she gets people moving their bodies and then teaches them how to get control over their inner voice so they can be in alignment with themselves and then be able to express their creative gifts and live a life of purpose. Simple huh?

What's unique about working with Heidi? Her clients would tell you that she gets right to heart of the matter and then goes deeper with no BS.

All the woo woo but with GROUNDED deep roots, a killer sense of HUMOR, and ACTION steps that open up your CREATIVE channel so you can live each day with PURPOSE

What matters more than HEALING each other by GIVING your UNIQUE GIFT? Absolutely nothing

Get it all starting with the base: loving your body, your home, your family and then OPEN yourself and LIVE YOUR HEART'S PURPOSE 

That's it



Physical health and social connection improve your EMOTIONAL HEALTH so get your BODY MOVING and TAKE A CLASS with me!

There are so many OPTIONS for all fitness levels and different focuses to join me! Cycle or do Body Pump or take a Pilates class or an outdoor interval class!

Anyone can workout at home alone but we need to SEE and INTERACT with each other so we can workout LIVE whether it's in person or on Zoom

Designed by Heidi combining her favorite disciplines: weight lifting, pilates, and interval training resulting in a FULL BODY strength, core, and cardio workout for ALL LEVELS
Tuesdays 4:30pm EST
Get the zoom link when you select: 

PAY WHAT YOU CAN per class: $10, $15$25
BEACH WORKOUTS at Lake Monticello
Saturdays at 9:30 on Beach 5 
For YMCA members:
Cycle~ Mondays and Fridays 9am EST
Body Pump~ Thursdays 9am EST
Sign up online, space is limited

Pilates Classes and Privates
Strength Focused Pilates~ Thursday noon
Stretch and Mobility~ Friday noon
Register for Virtual Classes and In Person and Virtual Privates 

Lots of options to stay connected and healthy!

Much love and THANK YOU!


"Heidi has helped me unlock the next chapter of my life in so many inspirational and practical ways. Through her combination of know-how, actionable insights and prompts--and sometimes even 'tough love' she has supported me through the huge psychic transition of leaving my day job to begin my life's work as an artist. In earnest. If you're looking for the key to getting off the dime with your life and into the most heartfelt stream of yourself and what you're here to do, I would highly recommend Heidi as your guide, educator--and overall growth shaman!"

Coaching Client

"I rearrange my work schedule to be in Heidi’s spin class. Though I may have to make up for time lost at night or on weekends, I don't regret it. Her classes are always inspiring and never the same. Heidi’s energy, encouragement, and sense of humor speak to a wide audience – from those sampling the sport for the first time to the well-seasoned spinner to everyone in between. Her classes empower my body, heart, and mind - not necessarily in that order."

Cycle Class Participant

"Heidi has been working with me on letting go of my stress and anxieties. She has taught me what questions to ask myself to resolve the internal stress I am feeling. She has freed me from several issues I had and helped me come up with my "why" and it was so amazing and freeing. If you are struggling mentally she has a way of helping you find your own answers which I did not know how to do on my own."

Coaching Client

Who Is Heidi?

Heidi Shaner is a Life Coach trained by Robbins Madanes Strategic Intervention Center, the official coach training school of Anthony Robbins.

Heidi has pursued a life of physical and emotional health and empowering others on their healing journey. She believes that we each have a purpose and deserve to live a life of fulfillment.

She utilizes her Master's Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and her Strategic Intervention Board Certified Coach training to contribute to her clients' physical and emotional healing.

She has been a group exercise instructor since 1997, a personal trainer since 2008, and a Pilates instructor since 2017.

Heidi's work with the body quickly began to cross over into emotional health. She became a life coach because she loves action oriented approach to health and healing and the connection with the body.

Learn more about Heidi by reading her story.

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"I bring the unconscious self sabotaging behaviors into your consciouness. I give you the leverage to want to change. I assist you in discovering what you really want to create. I help you access the tools and resources to execute your plan. I give you support and connection." ~ Heidi Shaner