The Ultimate Dilemma

Apr 20, 2017

I just realized that I'm in the story business. I collect stories and I tell stories and through this process, I help heal people. Allow me to explain. You see, the more I experience and the more I hear about others' experiences, the more I see that our stories are universal. We feel the same pain. We reach a point where we can't take it anymore and we decide to do anything we have to do to overcome. We get help. Our helpers show us the tools and resources that WE ALREADY KNEW deep inside us. And then we make a shift.

I'm sure you can relate. Whenever I tell my stories about overcoming a major obstacle/solving a huge dilemma/resolving a multi layered, complex conflict, someone else relates 100%. And through this sharing process, we heal. We realize that we're not alone, that we're connected to other people on a deep level. We realize that we have everything we need to make a positive change and to feel better. We just needed someone to guide us through the process.

So here's what I want to do. I want to collect your stories. I want to know what you experienced, what was the turning point, and how you made a permanent shift. Think about one of the most massive conflicts/obstacles/dilemmas that you overcame. How long were you experiencing the pain phase? Why was this causing you so much pain? I want to know the rich, intense, multi layered, textured details. Because these are the ties that bind. I promise you that if you tell your story and you are vulnerable and authentic and raw, people will connect with you on a very deep level.

Next, I want you to think about the turning point. At what moment did you decide it was enough, that you wouldn't suffer any longer? What happened to shift your perspective? What did you decide to do? Who was in your support circle? Who helped heal you?

Then, what did you do differently? How did you overcome this deep problem? You see, only by bringing our successes into the light can we teach them to others and progress ourselves. You may think it was chance or coincidence but there is a universal process that occurs and we need to bring this into the light. Become a collector of your wins. Collect EVIDENCE of your strength and skills.

I only recently started making sense of this process because I kept seeing it in myself and others over and over and over again. Think of the absolute worst thing you can possibly think of and then find someone who overcame it. Not only overcame it, but continued to live a life with hope and meaning and purpose and joy. I went to a convention where I heard the worst stories I've ever heard and the stories about how they healed. The worst ones I heard were about a woman who was sold into sexual slavery as a baby. She got out by grace. Not many do. And she suffered tremendously. And over time, she built a foundation that rescues other children from sexual slavery. Her story gave me hope.

The other story I heard was about a woman going through a custody battle and her ex husband shot her two year old in the back, set his house on fire, and then shot himself. For me, as a mom, this is about the worst story I've ever heard. This lady experienced an uncomparable pain. And yet, she has overcome. She committed her life to preventing this from happening to other families. When I heard her story, I realized that the human spirit is miraculous and can not only survive, but thrive, no matter what. It gave me hope.

My point in telling you these stories is to say that no matter what you have experienced in your life, what pain you have suffered, how you coped, how your methods of coping backfired and caused you more suffering, how you reached a point that you were desperate to truly change, how you became aware, who helped you, how you overcame it, and how you helped others do the same, WE UNDERSTAND.

Sharing our stories is how we heal. It simply is. If you're currently stuck in the pain phase and you're ready to overcome and to crack this cycle wide open, I'm here to help you through it. I will listen and understand. I will ask you questions to guide you to the deeper truth so you can be conscious about it. I will help you find your leverage, your turning point. I will teach you about the accessible resources and tools. We will celebrate your victory. I will support you through the entire process. Connect with me today.

If you have story of overcoming pain and want to share, I'm eternally grateful. Sharing stories like these inspires us and gives us hope. Thank you for sharing your story with me.

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