The Elephant in the Room

addiction anxiety corona virus covid-19 depression fitness health suicide wellness May 13, 2020


All we hear about the virus is, "Don't get exposed. Wash your hands. Stay home. Wear a mask. Wear gloves. Stay safe.....etc."

WHY is NO ONE telling us to GET OUR BODIES AND MINDS HEALTHY??? I just don't get it.

We're not talking about our sugar, alcohol, and nicotine addiction. Funny how fast food, liquor stores, and tobacco stores never closed but gyms, spas, and churches did.

What about the huge rise in domestic violence, child abuse, depression, anxiety, and suicide? What about QUALITY OF LIFE??

What about the people WHO ARE DYING because the ECONOMY IS TANKING?? What percentage is that?


We have so many people living in daily fear of dying from the corona virus when we have a 3.4% chance of that happening! I don't get it!

Why aren't we talking about how this affects children? Children need touch and connection. They're learning that touching and interacting are bad for you. Will they unlearn this when it's ok? Will it ever be ok to touch again?

We are social creatures. We NEED each other. Did you know that the hugest contributing factor to addiction was lonliness? We are not built to isolate.

And news flash: the VIRUS HASN'T GONE ANYWHERE!! We're opening the economy in phases and then more people will get exposed. Will we close it down again? 

The only way out of this is THROUGH it. Did you know that only 13% of the population exercises regularly and doesn't smoke?? THIRTEEN PERCENT! Take care of your health and eventually, most of us will get exposed. We will build immunity. Some people will die. Let this be a WAKE UP CALL.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room: REAL HEALTH. To be truly healthy, you need to exercise and eat healthy AND deal with your emotions. Talk with someone to help you figure it out. Be honest with yourself. Write it all down.

If I were in charge, I'd say: GET HEALTHY FOR REAL! Deal with your demons. Understand WHY you sabatoge yourself. Get help. Get support. Get educated. Get resources. It's all out there.

This is the way we overcome this disease. When we take care of ourselves for real, we bolster our immune system. Why not create the best possible advantage for our bodies to ward off and fight this virus? We are an obese, diabetic nation and we have CONTROL over this. What in the actual F*CK is GOING ON??!

If you are one of the 13%, SPEAK UP! We are on a mission and nothing matters more. It's time.

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