Bless and Release

anxiety fear relationships triggers Jan 09, 2019

Did you know that your energy matters more than anything else? Do you know how powerful energy is? Have you heard of people getting sick based on their fears alone? Have you heard of people healing based on their faith alone?

Why do we let other people's energy toxify our own? First of all, we might not recognize that other people are merely projecting their fears onto us and that we're internalizing it. We might recognize it, but we're still not able to NOT take it personally. I have a true solution for you.

When your energy gets polluted, you know the feeling. Something is said or done, you make an association, your nervous system gets triggered, and you're off to the races or down the rabbit hole or off the rails, etc. Now what?

Usually, we scramble at this point. We want back on the rails and out of the rabbit hole but we physiologically cannot get ourselves "clean" again or solid or grounded. So we try to wish the bad feeling away. We apply logic. We talk to ourselves. We talk to other people. We write. But we still feel like shit. What gives? 

Maybe at this point, we try to distract ourselves with other stimulants like food or TV or our phones or drugs. Let me offer you something else. What if we went IN to the place we're running from?

When we feel anxiety, we are afraid of something at the root of it. What if we asked ourself what we're afraid of? What if we were brave and looked the demon in the eyes? When you get triggered, you're imagining something bad happening. What is the thing that you're afraid of?

For me, it's being unloved, rejected, abandoned, unwanted, etc. OK. Sit with that for a minute. Imagine it happens. What you're afraid of happens. Now what? You're still breathing. You're still whole. You're still loved. You're still worthy. You are still being held. Someone else doesn't make this true. Wow that's a relief. 

So what do you do with the imaginary devil? At this point, it's so easy to release the grip. Once you know that no one can truly pollute you, you're in the clear. Fear is gone. Simply honor someone for being on their journey. Know that it's not about you. Know that you are true love. And then let go.





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