You know you should love yourself but you don't know how

Loving yourself is the secret to being happy with your body and having healthy relationships & meaningful work, but it's seems impossible

I want to talk with Heidi about this

What would life be like if you really knew your worth?

Have you heard this before?

"You deserve better"

"You should be with someone who appreciates you"

"Why do you put up with that sh*t?"

It's not enough to just KNOW that you're denying your gut feelings, making excuses for bad behavior, and putting up with way less than you deserve.

The real question is WHY do you tolerate less than you deserve?

What are the beliefs behind your actions?

 What are you afraid of?

What would it take to shift your beliefs at the root?

I'm here to help you work through this process.

Digging deep and rewiring conditioned patterns and beliefs is the only way to make change that lasts.

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