Heidi's clients learn to recognize the patterns that are holding them back from living their best life.
They learn skills to make productive, positive changes so they can: 
~feel happy in their bodies
~enjoy healthy relationships  
~do purposeful work

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What if you could enjoy healthy loving relationships?

Heidi specializes in helping clients  get understanding of the psychology of “broken” men and why they are receptive to them and how they get stuck with them.
They will learn new skills like:
~self awareness
~how to identify gut intuition
~how to clarify needs
~how to build self worth
~how to verbalize needs
~how to set and enforce boundaries
~how to have a relationship that has healthy attachment patterns

What Others Are Saying

The Retired Painter

I came to Heidi in my last year in marketing scared to death of retirement and wishing I could just do what I really wanted to do: paint. But I was scared of running out of money and I had lots of misgivings about being an artist.  Heidi helped me clear out my internal conflicts so I can do what I love. 

The Storyteller

I had always loved to collect and tell stories and I wanted more than anything to transform someone's legacy into a book with photos. I was held back because I didn't know how to begin and I doubted my skills. Heidi helped me see that I was able to do much more than tell stories. I help people heal.

The Fitness Fanatic

I came to Heidi struggling with a separation and anxiety. I was scared to be on my own and worried about finances. She helped me work through my mess and showed me that I can create the work I love. Now I'm creating fitness programs for people with medical issues.

I'm an Intelligent Woman. How did I end up with a Soul Sucking Narcissist?

Get on the waitlist for Heidi's upcoming book.
~How a narcissist becomes a narcissist
~Why you attract and get attached to narcissists
~How to develop skills to have healthy secure relationships with yourself and others

TED Talk - Invisible Marks

I know how it feels to be hurting inside and not showing it and I know how to overcome anxiety and fear so you can do the work you love. I invite you to join me.

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I'm an Intelligent Woman so how did I end up with a Soul Sucking Na...

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