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I measure my whole life as before July 8, 2014 and after. That was the day I left my beautiful home and my marriage of 15 years with my 2 boys and my dog and moved into my dad’s house. I spent every day crying and feeling entirely hollow and scared. Everything was so much worse than when I was married. I lost everything I had built. 

After years of court battles and lots of therapy, things settled down and now I’m living my best life. This is how I know it’s possible to not only survive the most intense loss, but to thrive on the other side of it. Want to rise like a phoenix from the ashes? I can help.

Consider me the TRANSITION coach, the one to help you from the stuck, limiting place to where you want to be.

This is my calling, to serve you and show you that you can make sense of your story & practice skills to create a life you love.

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