Tell me your story and I'll reveal why you're stuck & map out a path to clarity with you



I get excited when my clients tell me that they have a problem they can't solve. When I hear personal stories of struggle, I'm listening for the deeper layers. I see it as my job to dig out the splinter from the root so to speak.

I believe that if you can understand why you're feeling, thinking, and acting in certain ways, you get clarity, which gives you a feeling of control over your life.

I help you become aware of your blocks: your stories, patterns, associations, beliefs & values and then I teach you skills so you can get leverage over them. 

Consider me the transition coach,
 the coach to help you from the stuck, limiting place to where you want to be.

Whether you're frustrated with your sense of self, your relationships, or your work, I help you get unstuck and thrive

That is my calling, to serve you and show you that you can make sense of your story and practice skills to create a life you love.

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What Others Are Saying

The Retired Painter

“I came to Heidi in my last year in marketing scared to death of retirement and wishing I could just do what I really wanted to do: paint. But I was scared of running out of money and I had lots of misgivings about being an artist. Heidi helped me clear out my internal conflicts so I can do what I love.”

The Storyteller

“I had always loved to collect and tell stories and I wanted more than anything to transform someone's legacy into a book with photos. I was held back because I didn't know how to begin and I doubted my skills. Heidi helped me see that I was able to do much more than tell stories. I help people heal.”

The Fitness Fanatic

“I came to Heidi struggling with separation and anxiety. I was scared to be on my own and worried about finances. She helped me work through my mess and showed me that I can create the work I love. Now I'm creating fitness programs for people with medical issues.”