Self-Help for Women Who are Ready to Put Themselves First

Introducing LOVE YOUR SELF, a digital course for women who are ready to experience breakthrough self-transformation from the inside out.

Gain the tools to unlock physical, emotional, and financial change that's already deep within you.



Six-Weeks to LOVE YOUR SELF for Life

This course will allow you to discover the power within yourself to create a life you love through physical, emotional, and financial change.

Take the first step to lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life that's authentically you.


LOVE YOUR SELF was created by Heidi Shaner, a Professional Life Coach & Fitness Instructor, who channeled her 25+ years of experience in working with women to make a radical change.

This course was designed to provide women the tools to REALISTICALLY help themselves in a down-to-earth, practical way that is applicable to real life.

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An Online Self-Transformation Experience

I break down all the confusing self-help lingo, like 'inner-child work', 'shadow work', 'attachment theory', setting boundaries, unhealed trauma, abandonment wounds, etc. in bite-size chunks so you can understand it all and see how it applies to YOUR life. 


Your Personal Toolkit

Lessons Can Be Completed in Just 20 Minutes/Day!

What if you could:

 Understand & resolve your inner conflict

 Know & FEEL your self worth

 Calm your nervous system anytime

 Be alone with yourself & at peace

 Know & live by your gut intuition

 Know & speak your truth

 Discern & act on energy suckers v. energy givers

 Never tolerate boundary violations

Get ready to move past your inner resistance and discover your compelling vision for your life with daily resources and support!





Hi! I'm Heidi...

A Life Coach and Fitness Instructor that specializes in helping women transform their emotional and physical well-being through one-on-one coaching, group exercise classes, and customized courses.

With over 25 years of professional experience as a Coach, I've helped clients transform their lives physically, emotionally, and financially. When the bottom of my life fell out, I threw myself into self-help because I knew that if I didn't change, I'd repeat the toxic, unconscious patterns that left me at rock bottom.

Now I'm committed to sharing what I've learned with you. I truly believe that every woman possesses inner strength to heal herself from the inside out.  

There's so much information out there about loving yourself and my goal is to give it to you straight, cut through the noise, and share practical skills that you can start to apply to your life today.

Real Change for Real Women

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  • Unlimited access to a self-guided digital course
  • 36 interactive lessons taught by Heidi Shaner
  • 6 weeks of LIVE Coaching with Heidi, beginning 8.23.21 
  • Practical resources, strategies, skills & tools
  • Downloadable videos and resources
  • Access to The Wellness Sisterhood Support Group...


  • (2) Individualized coaching sessions with Heidi to give you clarification and a deeper course experience (The first session will be scheduled at the beginning of the course)
  • (2) Group coaching sessions with others in the course to answer your questions & connect you with the support of the Wellness Sisterhood


Ready to Get Real?

This course was made for women just like you!


With your purchase, you will receive...

Access to a six-week digital course with guided lessons and activities

 Unlimited access to 36 video-based modules taught by Heidi Shaner

 Customizable dashboard with downloadable lessons that can be completed in less than 20 minutes/day, 5 days/week

 Access to a private accountability community with like-minded women

 Available one-on-one coaching with Heidi [SAVE $250!]

Your Best YOU Awaits!


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What Others Are Saying


The Retired Painter

“I came to Heidi in my last year in marketing scared to death of retirement and wishing I could just do what I really wanted to do: paint. But I was scared of running out of money and I had lots of misgivings about being an artist. Heidi helped me clear out my internal conflicts so I can do what I love.”

The Storyteller

“I had always loved to collect and tell stories and I wanted more than anything to transform someone's legacy into a book with photos. I was held back because I didn't know how to begin and I doubted my skills. Heidi helped me see that I was able to do much more than tell stories. I help people heal.”

The Fitness Fanatic

“I came to Heidi struggling with separation and anxiety. I was scared to be on my own and worried about finances. She helped me work through my mess and showed me that I can create the work I love. Now I'm creating fitness programs for people with medical issues.”

Sally M.

This course is, simply put, "dynamite." It will require six weeks of honesty, consistency, and elbow grease from you, and if you truly dive in, your personal results will amaze you. I'm a regular coaching client of Heidi, and so I know personally that in this course she has crystalized the know-how--AND SELF-DIRECTED PRACTICE--that will put you in the driver's seat of your own personal development and boost your emotional strength.

Two thumbs up--start your journey now!

Have a Problem You Can't Solve?

I get excited when my clients tell me that they have a problem they can't solve. When I hear personal stories of struggle, I'm listening for the deeper layers. I see it as my job to dig out the splinter from the root so to speak.

I believe that if you can understand why you're feeling, thinking, and acting in certain ways, you get clarity, which gives you a feeling of control over your life.

I help you become aware of your blocks: your stories, patterns, associations, beliefs & values and then I teach you skills so you can get leverage over them. 

Consider me the transition coach,
 the coach to help you from your stuck/limiting place to where you want to be.

Whether you're frustrated with your sense of self, your relationships, or your work, I help you get unstuck and thrive

That is my calling, to serve you and show you that you can make sense of your story and practice skills to create a life you love.

Kim L.

I started out on this journey with an "I have nothing to lose attitude". I previously read enough self-help books to fill a library but this was different: Heidi not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. Her advice and exercises are for people who live in the real world. I consider this self-help for people who hate self-help and I mean that in the nicest way. She isn't promising that life will be great once you complete the course but rather, she allows you to see you have the tools you need inside you. They aren't just there but chances are, you have already used them.


Have questions before you get started?



Available With One-on-One Coaching

Want individualized, private coaching from Heidi as you move through the course?


Your Transformation Begins Today

Get ready to move past inner resistance and discover your compelling vision for your life with daily resources and support. You will learn tools that will allow you to feel confident in your own skin, attract healthy relationships, and do work that feels meaningful to you.


This is for the Woman Who...

  • Is ready to create a life she LOVES
  • Knows she NEEDS to work on herself, but has no time
  • Wants to feel good in her own skin
  • Yearns for healthy, sustainable relationships
  • Is ready to be honest with herself
  • Is ready to do the hard work of digging deep, learning new things, and applying the lessons in her daily life
  • Is eager to move past the stress and overwhelm
  • Is ready to break her own cycles
This course is for intelligent, well-meaning, kind-hearted women who would do anything for the ones they love, including compromising themselves to meet others' needs.

Christine B.

Heidi’s Love Your Self course helped me understand WHY I DO certain things and THINK certain things and FEEL certain ways and that understanding HELPED me so much. Once I understood why I think and feel these certain ways, it helped me relax and not think that there was something so wrong with me. 

I learned so much, on many crucial levels, in her illuminating course. Once I was able to relax, which Heidi helped me do throughout the course with her videos and the simple, easy, manageable, bite sized exercises, I was able to learn about and participate in my ongoing process of changing my mind, my emotions, and my habits. 

She laid out a road map for what to do everyday. I wouldn't even spend more than a few minutes with just a Post-It note or even just typing a couple things in the course worksheets. I would listen for five minutes to her video and then I would pause while I was taking a sip of my coffee and jot a few things.  

I'm almost in disbelief about the way things are changing because of this course. I’m eating the way I want to be eating. I’m doing the exercises I really want to be doing. It wasn't so far off before but I was feeling like something wasn't as good as it could be. 

I'm so thankful to Heidi for her teachings. I hope you'll join us.

What You Can Expect

Zero BS + Tangible Results

I designed this course to be the opposite of all the courses I purchased and never completed.

I was frustrated with the lack of structure in other courses. Allowing me to complete it at my pace gave me no sense of urgency and I procrastinated and never finished. 

I was also frustrated with the overwhelming amount of self-help seemingly un-applicable mess being talked about. I wanted straightforward, no BS, easy to understand, and apply lessons.

So I created this course for you to be able to complete it and immediately access and apply the tools and resources I teach in the course.

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Kira S.

If you're looking to get un-stuck and understand your unhealthy thinking patterns, this course will be so valuable to you! Working with Heidi through this very intuitive, easy to use format helped me to dig deep and uncover a much healthier, happier, more authentic ME!