Let your Body Lead The Way!

Have you noticed how sweating it out and feeling the strength of your muscles puts you in a better mood? Me too. Connect the dots between emotional health and physical health.

I have figured out the keys to SANITY! I have to MOVE my body everyday, get OUTSIDE, and CONNECT with people. That's about it. Also, make sure you're getting decent sleep, drinking lots of water, and putting at least 80% healthy stuff into your body ;)
Let's see each other live whether it's in person or on zoom. Connection matters. Besides the accountability and feedback you get from showing up live with other people, you get the connection you need as well.
FUSION I ~ Beginner with a focus on MOBILITY
Fridays at 12pm EST
FUSION II ~ Intermediate with a focus on STRENGTH
Tuesdays at 9:30am EST
FUSION III ~ Advanced with a focus on CARDIO INTERVALS
Designed by Heidi combining her favorite disciplines: weight lifting, pilates, and interval training resulting in a FULL BODY strength, core, and cardio workout for ALL LEVELS
Only equipment needed: resistance band
$17/class or $47/month unlimited classes
Live or recorded 
Tuesdays at 8:30am EST STARTING AGAIN SPRING 2021
Main Beach Lake Monticello
45 min cardio dance and strength
Only equipment needed: noodle
PRIVATE PILATES SESSIONS virtual or in person customized for your goals and needs. I've been working with clients who may have some limitations or who want an extra challenging session.

Much love and THANK YOU!

Who Is Heidi?

Heidi Shaner is a Life Coach trained by Robbins Madanes Strategic Intervention Center, the official coach training school of Anthony Robbins.

Heidi has pursued a life of physical and emotional health and empowering others on their healing journey. She believes that we each have a purpose and deserve to live a life of fulfillment.

She utilizes her Master's Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and her Strategic Intervention Board Certified Coach training to contribute to her clients' physical and emotional healing.

She has been a group exercise instructor since 1997, a personal trainer since 2008, and a Pilates instructor since 2017.

Heidi's work with the body quickly began to cross over into emotional health. She became a life coach because she loves action oriented approach to health and healing and the connection with the body.

Learn more about Heidi by reading her story.