Born out of a deep desire to maintain sanity, connection with my community, and keep my health, I created ONLINE INTERACTIVE EXERCISE CLASSES

Anyone can workout at home but we need to SEE and INTERACT with each other

CYCLE REVELATION~ 45 mins indoor ride Mondays and Fridays 9am EST

Core~ 20 mins core Mondays and Fridays 10am EST

HIIT~ 45 mins High Intensity Interval Training Tuesdays 4:30pm EST

Strength Training~ 45 mins Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30pmEST *dumbbells needed

Get the zoom link when you select: 

PAY WHAT YOU CAN per class$5$10$15$25 OR

SUBSCRIBE FOR 2 MONTHS: $25 per month

I have no idea how long we'll have to workout from home but it is my goal to keep us active, safe, and connected in the meantime.

Much love and THANK YOU!

Cycle on a Deeper Level

Imagine your heart pumping, sweat flowing, muscles throbbing as you access your deepest alignment, strength, endurance, wisdom, clarity, and release.


Born out of desire to resource ourselves through our bodies

I've been teaching cycle classes since 2004 and I LOVE IT almost more than anything else. I love it because it gets me out of my head and into my body. I have an experience and I have revelations as my body is working so hard to handle the demands I'm putting on it. I'm using my leg muscles and I'm breathing heavy to oxygenate my muscles and my heart is pumping hard to circulate the blood and I'm sweating to regulate my body temperature. I'm cycling on the beat and I'm conscious of the rhythm and my breathing and my legs pumping and something magical happens. Things fall into alignment. I imagine it's like surfing a wave, holding that edge in perfect balance, focus, and flow. Something that was confusing becomes clear. I think of solutions. I get inspired and take action. 

Stay posted as I develop this program.

Who Is Heidi?

Heidi Shaner is a Life Coach trained by Robbins Madanes Strategic Intervention Center, the official coach training school of Anthony Robbins.

Heidi has pursued a life of physical and emotional health and empowering others on their healing journey. She believes that we each have a purpose and deserve to live a life of fulfillment.

She utilizes her Master's Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and her Strategic Intervention Board Certified Coach training to contribute to her clients' physical and emotional healing.

She has been a group exercise instructor since 1997, a personal trainer since 2008, and a Pilates instructor since 2017.

Heidi's work with the body quickly began to cross over into emotional health. She became a life coach because she loves action oriented approach to health and healing and the connection with the body.

Learn more about Heidi by reading her story.