Feeling confused, distracted, unable to focus... you know you really want to be able to do work that matters, but you just can't get a grip on it?

Heidi's clients get results

She helps you tackle your obstacles and build your new personal story that leads you to CLARITY and PURPOSE so you can do what you love

It's quite simple...

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How does coaching work?

It’s an empowering process of bringing your baggage into the light and clearing it up

Through it, you’ll become aware of your outdated coping mechanisms, false beliefs, and self-defeating habits

Once your awareness has shifted, you’ll take manageable steps to re-frame your FOCUS and fill your personal toolkit with POSITIVE MOTIVATION that will inform
your actions

This new path springs from love and truth and naturally opens up your creative channels

so you can align with your soul and DELIVER your unique gifts

"I came to Heidi in my last year in marketing scared to death of retirement and wishing I could just do what I really wanted to do: paint. But I was scared of running out of money and I had lots of misgivings about being an artist. Heidi helped me clear out my internal conflicts so I can do what I love. "

Hero Story #1
The Retired Painter

"I had always loved to collect and tell stories and I wanted more than anything to transform someone's legacy into a book with photos. I was held back because I didn't know how to begin and I doubted my skills. Heidi helped me see that I was able to do much more than tell stories. I help people heal."

Hero Story #2
The Storyteller

"I came to Heidi struggling with a separation and anxiety. I was scared to be on my own and worried about finances. She helped me work through my mess and showed me that I can create the work I love. Now I'm creating fitness programs for people with medical issues."

Hero Story #3
The Fitness Fanatic

Ted Talk ~ Invisible Marks

I know how it feels to be hurting inside and not showing it and I know how to overcome anxiety and fear so you can do the work you love. I invite you to join me.

Who Is Heidi?

Heidi Shaner is a Life Coach trained by Robbins Madanes Strategic Intervention Center, the official coach training school of Anthony Robbins.

Heidi has pursued a life of physical and emotional health and empowering others on their healing journey. She believes that we each have a purpose and deserve to live a life of fulfillment.

She utilizes her Master's Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and her Strategic Intervention Board Certified Coach training to contribute to her clients' physical and emotional healing.

She has been a group exercise instructor since 1997, a personal trainer since 2008, and a Pilates instructor since 2017.

Heidi's work with the body quickly began to cross over into emotional health. She became a life coach because she loves action oriented approach to health and healing and the connection with the body.

Learn more about Heidi by reading her story.

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"I bring the unconscious self sabotaging behaviors into your consciouness. I give you the leverage to want to change. I assist you in discovering what you really want to create. I help you access the tools and resources to execute your plan. I give you support and connection." ~ Heidi Shaner